LOHASYS and Lady&Skin Products

Onlygopro is excited to have new products on our site! Now we have well known Korean Brands, LOHASYS and Lady&Skin products available on our site. All products are safe and are HSA approved, just click on the top right menu (Skin Care) to view the products.

If your have any questions you can contact us at

Final version of bangkok Halem Shake -Filmed with Gopro & Ion action Cameras.

Found the final video! ENJOY! This version is much better. Thanks to all my customers that have supported onlygopro! We will continue to improve and give you awesome quality at awesome price products!

Plaza Singapura, Gotomybox Store Closure

Do note that from 27th June 2015 onwards, gotomybox store at plaza sing will be closed and we will cease operations in retail shops.

Do continue to support us at our fb page and you can still continue to purchase from our online store. (free delivery available locally)

Smatree Batteries Set

Smatree batteries has been in demand and it's running low on stock. Do make a purchase before stock runs out.

New Online Store

Onlygopro has upgraded! We are now on a new online store to serve our customers BETTER! We hope all our customers will be able to create a new account with us at this new online store. Thanks to all onlygopro customers who supported us all this while!