Feiyu Tech G4S
Feiyu Tech G4S

Feiyu Tech G4S

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No Restrictions - Pan, Tilt and Roll 360° degrees steadicam.
New Fast Mounting System - Improves camera attachment efficiency
Male Mini-USB - Supports GoPro power charging and video relay
Female Mini-USB - Connect an external display
One-Button Control - Control the gimbal with one finger
360° Thumbstick - Adjust / Control the gimbal on the go
Direct Access - Access the GoPro data interface
Mount it - New built-in tripod mount 



The new G4S handheld gimbal by Feiyu Tech is suitable for the GoPro Hero 3/4 and offers a great range of new features. Now featuring a full 360° rotation, a thumb controller and an easy camera attachment clip.

Ever Evolving Gimbal

The Feiyu G4 Handheld Gimbal incorporates state-of-the-art 3 axis stabilization technology into a finely constructed body made with aircraft-grade aluminum and brushless motors. Regular firmware updates ensures the gimbal continues to evolve along with its users. The Feiyu G4 is the perfect tool for videographers demanding high quality stabilized footage.

Feiyu Tech G4S 360 Degree Coverage

Full 360 degrees in all 3 axis

Feiyu Tech has made the G4S with a new and revolutionary slip ring design, now allowing 360 degree movement in all 3 axis.


Power and Accuracy

The Feiyu G4 GS utilizes brushless motors to provide camera stabilization. All movements are being carefully analyzed and full-axis compensation is being made in real-time. No matter how extreme your action may be, the Feiyu G4S has got you covered from every angle.

Maximizing Usability

Ease-of-use is the key to a successful user interface. A single-button control scheme presents an elegant way to switch between all operating modes while holding the gimbal in one hand.

Direct Charge

A Streamlined single button control system replace the old system seen on the G4 for faster operation mode switching and faster powering on. This new design is more simple, more comfortable and an all round better operating experience.

Feiyu Tech G4S Joystick


Feiyu Tech have now introduced a Joy stick onto their new G4S gimbal. This 4 direction joystick responds quickly and accurately and will continue to keep your footage and movement smooth.

Quick Access Clip

Feiyu Tech have now introduced a new quick access click system to hold your GoPro in place. This system is much easier and faster to use as opposed to the screw on clip on the older model. It is also more secure and offers more cushion to keep your GoPro from scuffing.

Feiyu Tech G4S
Feiyu Tech G4S
Feiyu Tech G4S
Feiyu Tech G4S
Feiyu Tech G4S
Feiyu Tech G4S